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2024 Classic Tetris World Championship: Timestamps

The 2024 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) took place at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo from June 7-9. It had relocated from Portland, Oregon to Pasadena, California. The tournament format was the same as last year. In the Qualifying round, players were given 2 hours to play as many games as possible. The Multiple Maxout […]

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CTWC 2023 Finals - Audience Perspective

How To Watch The 2024 Classic Tetris World Championship

The 2024 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) is happening this weekend from June 7-9. Here is how you can watch the tournament live. (Update 6/11/2024: Tournament is done, here are the videos) The tournament will be live streamed on their Twitch and YouTube channel. YouTube Channels Classic Tetris Twitch Channels ClassicTetris – Gold Bracket ClassicTetris2 […]

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CTWC 2024 Special Guest Revealed

Tetris Creator, Alexey Pajitnov, Will Attend The 2024 Classic Tetris World Championship

Tetris creator, Alexey Pajitnov, will attend the 2024 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) in Pasadena, California. Henk Rogers (Founder of the Tetris Company) and Maya Rogers (CEO of the Tetris company) will also be at the event. They were all featured in The Pop Insider last week. It is unknown what day they will be […]

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Best of Five Logo PRIMARY LOGO (with glow, matted on black)

Best of Five: The Classic Tetris Champions Review

Best of Five: The Classic Tetris Champions is a documentary series that covers the 2014 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC). Where players compete head-to-head on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) version of Tetris. Jonas Neubauer had won the last 4 tournaments and entered the 2014 CTWC as the defending champion once more. It will not […]

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2023 CTWC DAS Announcement

2023 CTWC DAS: Timestamps

The 2023 CTWC DAS Championship took place at XPERION Cologne in Germany from September 9-10. This was the second annual CTWC DAS tournament. During the qualifying rounds, players signed up for a 90-minute time slot where they had unlimited attempts to get the highest score. The Top 48 players qualified for the tournament. The tournament […]

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2022 CTWC DAS Announcement

2022 CTWC DAS: Timestamps

The 2022 CTWC DAS Championship took place in at the Cineplex Fürth in Fürth, Germany. It took place from August 20-21. This was the first ever CTWC DAS Championship. In this tournament, players used the DAS play-style. With the DAS (Delayed Auto-Shift) playstyle, players move the pieces by holding down the Directional Pad (D-Pad). Players […]

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CTWC 2023 Semifinals - Fractal and Dog - Game 1 Level 18

How Does A Classic Tetris World Championship Game Work?

At the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC), players compete one-on-one. In each match, both players play on separate NES consoles and separate CRT Televisions. The judge or commentator does a countdown for the players to start their game at the same time. How do you win a game at CTWC? At the end of each […]

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Perfect Maxout in NES Tetris by Noah Dengler

Noah Dengler Gets A Perfect Maxout In NES Tetris

On April 15, 2024, Noah Dengler became the first player to achieve a perfect Maxout in NES Tetris. A few days earlier (April 9), he was one Tetris away from getting the perfect maxout. But could not pull it off because he could not set up another Tetris without burning lines. He had 42 Tetrises […]

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CTM 2024 Mega Masters - Winner Photo

Fractal Wins 2024 CTM Mega Masters and $10K

In March 2024, Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) hosted the annual Mega Masters tournament. Where 64 players compete head to head to become the Mega Masters champion for a portion of a fan funded prize pool. Fractal qualified for Mega Masters as the #5 Seed. In his Round 1 games, he built a large lead into […]

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Alex T Beats NES Tetris

Alex T Beats NES Tetris Twice: 4th Player To Beat Tetris

In March 2024, Alex T was the first player to reach the 10 million point score and claimed the fan-funded bounty. He was playing on a ROM that patched the game crash. With the bounty claimed, he set his sights on other Tetris goals. On the evening of April 2, 2024, Alex T was live […]

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