CTWC DAS Timestamps

2023 CTWC DAS Announcement

2023 CTWC DAS: Timestamps

The 2023 CTWC DAS Championship took place at XPERION Cologne in Germany from September 9-10. This was the second annual CTWC DAS tournament. During the qualifying rounds, players signed up for a 90-minute time slot where they had unlimited attempts to get the highest score. The Top 48 players qualified for the tournament. The tournament […]

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2022 CTWC DAS Announcement

2022 CTWC DAS: Timestamps

The 2022 CTWC DAS Championship took place in at the Cineplex Fürth in Fürth, Germany. It took place from August 20-21. This was the first ever CTWC DAS Championship. In this tournament, players used the DAS play-style. With the DAS (Delayed Auto-Shift) playstyle, players move the pieces by holding down the Directional Pad (D-Pad). Players […]

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