Dr. Mario

Swong with 2023 DrMC Trophy

Swong Wins The 2023 Dr. Mario Championship: A Back-To-Back Victory

Swong showed up to the 2023 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) to defend his title as the Dr. Mario Champion. New to the Qualifying round was the Immunity Pool, where 8 players competed against each other for the top seeding ranks. The players with a winning record (above 50% win rate) automatically qualified for the tournament […]

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Swong And Packie Competing In The 2022 Dr. Mario Championship

Swong Wins The 2022 Dr. Mario Championship

Swong wins the 2022 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC), becoming the 4th person to win the tournament. In August 2022, he traveled to Phoenix to compete in the DrMC Western Regional tournament. He won the tournament after defeating players such as Packie, Dmwit, and Doc. Entering the 2022 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) About 3 months later, […]

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Packie Holding Up His 2021 DrMC Trophy

Packie Wins The 2021 Dr. Mario Championship

Packie travels to the TORG Gaming Expo to seek his third win at the 2021 Dr. Mario Championship. He has appeared in every tournament, having won the first 2 tournaments. Packie Seeks His Third Win at the Dr. Mario Championship The first step of the tournament is qualifying, where players wait in line to join […]

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2 players face off at the 2019 DrMC

Dr. Mario Championship Moves To Ohio For 2021

The 2021 Dr. Mario Championship will take place at the TORG Gaming Expo in Ohio. This will be the first in-person tournament since the Covid-19 Pandemic. From 2017-2019, Replay FX hosted the tournament in Pennsylvania. While the 2020 tournament was an online event. Eventually, Replay FX was shut down, causing the Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) […]

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2020 Dr. Mario Championship Qualifying Game

2020 Dr. Mario Championship: I Signed Up For It

Since 2017, the Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) took place at Replay FX in Pittsburgh. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there was no feasible way to hold an in-person tournament this year. So the organizers decided to hold an online tournament for the 2020 DrMC. To make the tournament possible, players played NES Dr. Mario using […]

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Second Dr. Mario Game against Rae2point0

2020 Dr. Mario Championship will be held Online

The 2020 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) will happen online. Since this tournament is online, the format will be different from their in-person tournament. Obviously, there will not be an in-person tournament this year because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here’s a Brief Breakdown of the Schedule: August 1-5: Qualifying August 8-9: Opening Rounds of the Playoffs Somewhere […]

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