Classic Tetris

Perfect Maxout in NES Tetris by Noah Dengler

Noah Dengler Gets A Perfect Maxout In NES Tetris

On April 15, 2024, Noah Dengler became the first player to achieve a perfect Maxout in NES Tetris. A few days earlier (April 9), he was one Tetris away from getting the perfect maxout. But could not pull it off because he could not set up another Tetris without burning lines. He had 42 Tetrises […]

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CTM 2024 Mega Masters - Winner Photo

Fractal Wins 2024 CTM Mega Masters and $10K

In March 2024, Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) hosted the annual Mega Masters tournament. Where 64 players compete head to head to become the Mega Masters champion for a portion of a fan funded prize pool. Fractal qualified for Mega Masters as the #5 Seed. In his Round 1 games, he built a large lead into […]

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Alex T Beats NES Tetris

Alex T Beats NES Tetris Twice: 4th Player To Beat Tetris

In March 2024, Alex T was the first player to reach the 10 million point score and claimed the fan-funded bounty. He was playing on a ROM that patched the game crash. With the bounty claimed, he set his sights on other Tetris goals. On the evening of April 2, 2024, Alex T was live […]

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Alex T scores 16,248,080 in NES Tetris

Alex T Becomes The First Player To Reach 10 Million Points In NES Tetris

On February 1, 2024, the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) set up a fan-funded bounty for the first player to reach 10 million points in NES Tetris. Prior to the bounty, PixelAndy had the world record with an 8.9 million score on January 11. So it was only a matter of time before someone claimed […]

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Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) Mega Masters 2024 Bracket

Classic Tetris Monthly Mega Masters 2024: March Madness of Tetris

Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) is hosting a 2024 Mega Masters this month. Usually, CTM has a 16-player tournament in their Masters event each month. For this occasion, 64 players will qualify for the Masters tournament. Fittingly, this is happening during March Madness. Last year, the prize pool was over $17,000, with the winner getting over […]

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The Rolling Revolution: The Never-Ending Story of NES Tetris

In the past few years, the Classic Tetris community has broken boundaries in the game of NES Tetris. In 2017, the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) started going viral when YouTube was recommending the 2016 Finals video to people. That is how 15-year-old, Joseph Saelee, discovered the CTWC. From there, he decided to pick up […]

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PixelAndy and Fractal compete at 2023 CTWC

Fractal and PixelAndy become the Second and Third Players to Beat NES Tetris

In December 2023, there was a race to become the first person to beat NES Tetris by crashing the game. Eventually, Blue Scuti won that race against Fractal. That did not stop other players from ending the race. They were still determined to crash the game themselves. Discovering The Classic Tetris World Championship Fractal got […]

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Jesper with the 2023 CTEC Trophy

Jesper Wins The 2023 Classic Tetris European Championship: We Have A New Champion!

Jesper was back at the 2023 Classic Tetris European Championship, after finishing in the Top 16 in 2022. He qualified for the tournament as the #1 seed, giving him high expectations of making it far in the bracket. It helps when you have a Bye to Round 3 (Top 16). What was interesting about this […]

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NES Tetris High Score Screen, reads "You are a Tetris Master."

How To Master NES Tetris

NES Tetris can seem difficult to master. But with practice, you will become a professional. Do not overwhelm yourself with the multiple strategies in this game. You only need a few basic techniques to get you started. The advanced stacking strategies will come to you naturally from playing the game. As well as watching other […]

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Classic Tetris Monthly April 2023: Mega Masters Finals

Classic Tetris Monthly: An Online Tetris Tournament

Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) is an online NES Tetris Tournament. Each month, the event features players from around the world. Their Masters event is where the Top 16 players compete for a fan-funded cash prize. In December 2017, Fridaywitch founded the tournament, wanting to create additional Classic Tetris content. A few months later, she handed […]

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