How To Play NES Tetris Without The Original NES

The rise in popularity of the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) has generated interest in the game of NES Tetris. If you don’t have the Original NES Console, that’s fine because you can still play the game without one.

Here is how you can play NES Tetris without an original NES.

1. Play Classic Tetris Through Tetris Effect: Connected

Gameplay of Classic Score Attack on Tetris Effect: Connected
Classic Score Attack on Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected became the first game to feature an official replica of NES Tetris. That version is available through the game’s “Classic Score Attack” mode.

If you have a PC or a Modern Console, you would be able to obtain the game without having to buy an additional gaming console and Tetris cartridge. Find out which platforms the game is available on by visiting their official website.

Find out if there are special discounts on the game by following Enhance on Twitter, @enhance_exp. They are the company that made the game.

To play in Single-Player mode, select “Effect Mode” in the Main Menu. From there, you will see “Classic Score Attack”. You get to select the starting level and game speed. “NTSC” is the mode that is played at the Classic Tetris World Championship.

To play in Multiplayer mode, select “Multiplayer” in the Main Menu.

Besides playing solo, you can also challenge yourself by competing against players online. You may find yourself competing against well-known players from the Classic Tetris community.

For more information, check out this video featuring the lead game designer and CTWC competitor, Greentea.

2. Buying A Clone Console And Game Cartridge

Tetris Cartridge And Console
Source: Best Of Five: The Classic Tetris Champions

Getting an original NES console can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are clone consoles that are accessible to the general public. Another benefit of the clone consoles is that it does not take up much space in your room compared to the original NES.

Before you get a console, get the NES Tetris game cartridge, which is available at DKOldies.

Once you get the cartridge, there are two clone consoles that I recommend getting, depending on the type of television that you have.

If you have a TV that does NOT have AV inputs, I recommend getting the Retron 1 HD. This console is compatible with HDMI inputs, which avoids the hassle of extra cables to convert AV to HDMI. The console is also compatible with AV inputs.

For people who want to play Tetris on a TV with AV inputs, a Retron 1 AV will work for them as a cheaper alternative to the Retron 1 HD.

Additional Notes On The Retron 1 HD And Retron 1 AV

If you get the Retron 1 HD or Retron 1 AV, here are some tips to prevent the clone consoles from breaking.

For the console to work, the cartridge needs to be inserted tightly into the console. Removing the cartridge will increase the chances that the pins in the cartridge slot breaking off.

For that reason, I recommend keeping the cartridge in the console. At the very least, minimize removing the cartridge from the console.

My Recommended Route To Start Your NES Tetris Journey

I recommend starting with Classic Score Attack on Tetris Effect: Connected because of its simple setup.

If you scored at least 200K and are serious about getting a console, a clone console will work as an inexpensive way to do so.

Join the Classic Tetris Monthly Discord server and the people on that server will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Check out aGameScout’s video for additional information on setup, such as recording your game and why professional players prefer to play on CRT TV.

To master the game, I wrote down 4 tips to help you get started.

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