Blue Scuti Competes At The 2024 CTWC Heart of Texas Regional

CTWC 2024 Heart of Texas Regional - Quarterfinals

On December 21, 2023, Blue Scuti became the first player to “beat” NES Tetris. More than a week later on December 31, aGameScout released a video that covered the amazing achievement. The video quickly went viral, getting a million views in 3 days.

On January 3, 2024, the combination of Blue Scuti’s achievement and the aGameScout’s viral video caused a surprising media frenzy that covered the story. Blue Scuti quickly rose to fame. He and his family were getting interview requests by various news media.

Blue Scuti said that he was going to be at the 2024 CTWC Heart of Texas Regional in Waco, Texas. This caught the attention of the local news stations in that area. They contacted the organizers of the Heart of Texas Regional to arrange interviews with Blue Scuti at the event.

News Coverage of Blue Scuti at the 2024 CTWC Heart of Texas Regional



Both of these local news stations did an amazing job covering the story. I enjoyed the reporters’ enthusiasm.

Following the tournament, Stillwater News Press wrote an amazing article on how people were showing up to the event just to meet Blue Scuti.

Stillwater News Press
Article Pre-tournament
Article Post-tournament
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How did Blue Scuti perform in the tournament?

I won’t spoil the results. Check out all of his matches.

His first match is in the Quarterfinals.

How to Support Blue Scuti

You can support Blue Scuti by purchasing some Blue Scuti Game Crash merchandise by Portions of the proceeds will go to Blue Scuti.

Follow Blue Scuti on all of his social media accounts.

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