Classic Tetris Monthly Mega Masters 2024: March Madness of Tetris

Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) Mega Masters 2024 Bracket

Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) is hosting a 2024 Mega Masters this month. Usually, CTM has a 16-player tournament in their Masters event each month. For this occasion, 64 players will qualify for the Masters tournament. Fittingly, this is happening during March Madness.

Last year, the prize pool was over $17,000, with the winner getting over $7,000.


In the qualifying round, players had a 90-minute session to get the highest scores.

The player’s Top 3 score average determined their qualifying rank.

Here are the qualifying ranks.

Tournament Format

The Mega Masters tournament features a 64-player Single-Elimination bracket. All of the matches are a Best of 5.

In the first 2 rounds (Top 64 and Top 32), players split into groups of 4. The winner of each group advanced to the Top 16.

The Top 16 round starts on Saturday, March 30

The Top 8 starts on Sunday, March 31 to determine the Mega Masters winner.

Tournament Bracket

Where to watch the tournament

Follow CTM on Twitch and YouTube to watch the matches live.

Keep up with the schedule by joining the CTM Discord server.

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