Noah Dengler Gets A Perfect Maxout In NES Tetris

Perfect Maxout in NES Tetris by Noah Dengler

On April 15, 2024, Noah Dengler became the first player to achieve a perfect Maxout in NES Tetris.

A few days earlier (April 9), he was one Tetris away from getting the perfect maxout. But could not pull it off because he could not set up another Tetris without burning lines. He had 42 Tetrises in a row and needed 43 in a row to get the perfect maxout.

A Tetris is when a player clears 4 horizontal lines at once, they are worth the most amount of points. The Classic Tetris community refers to burning lines as clearing lines that are NOT Tetrises (ex. Single, Double, and Triple).

On April 13, he was in the same situation where he cleared 42 Tetrises in a row. One Tetris away from the perfect maxout, but could not get another Tetris without having to burn lines. 

Later that day, he cleared 41 Tetrises in a row. While getting the stack Tetris-ready again, Noah Dengler had columns that were 2-rows deep. There were no places for the S- and Z-Piece, it would create holes in the stack that would force lines to be burned. Unfortunately, the S-Piece arrived followed by a Z-Piece, causing holes in the stack. He scored a Tetris to get 42 Tetrises in a row, but could not score another Tetris without burning lines.

On April 15, Noah Dengler was about to make history. Throughout the game, he navigated the long bar over high stacks in his quest to get a maxout without burning any lines. He also set up tucks to keep himself Tetris-ready, including setting up VITs (Vertical I-Piece Tuck). After clearing 42 Tetrises in a row, he set up for another Tetris. The long bar arrived and Noah Dengler scored 43 Tetrises in a row to get the first ever perfect Maxout.

Check out the video below to see the amazing feat.

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