Swong Wins The 2022 Dr. Mario Championship

Swong And Packie Competing In The 2022 Dr. Mario Championship
Swong And Packie Competing In The 2022 Dr. Mario Championship

Swong wins the 2022 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC), becoming the 4th person to win the tournament.

In August 2022, he traveled to Phoenix to compete in the DrMC Western Regional tournament. He won the tournament after defeating players such as Packie, Dmwit, and Doc.

Entering the 2022 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC)

About 3 months later, Swong went to the TORG Gaming Expo in Columbus to compete at the 2022 Dr. Mario Championship.

The qualifying rounds were the same as last year, except for the qualifying pool size increasing from 6 players to 8 players. Each pool was played in a Round Robin format, where all the competitors played one game against each other.

Swong entered Pool B, where he won all of his games against the other players in the Pool. As the Pool Winner, he earned a guaranteed spot in the Playoffs. After qualifying ended, he became the #8 seed going into the tournament.

The Playoffs

In the first 2 rounds, Swong eliminated Krystal L (#25 seed) and Dmhero (#9 seed and 2020 Finalist), respectively, to advance to the Top 8.

Swong defeated Inphlox (#1 seed) in the Quarterfinals. And defeated Rodzilla (#13 seed) in the Semi-Finals.

In the Finals, Packie (#7 seed and 3-Time Champion) lead the match, 2-1, putting Swong in danger of elimination going into Game 4.

During Game 4, Swong had a messy stack near the top of the board. But, pulled off a massive combo to clear 5 viruses and lower his stack to a safer board. The rest of the game was Neck and Neck, with Swong winning the game and pushing the match to a Game 5 Decider.

In Game 5, the right 2 columns (Columns 7 and 8) of Packie’s board were stacked high. Which prevents him from clearing viruses on those columns. Eventually, Swong was 2 viruses away from winning the game. But, it did not matter because Packie topped out, which meant Swong wins the game and match to become the new Dr. Mario Champion.

Learn more about Swong’s background in The Level 25 Podcast.

Here are results of the tournament:

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