Adam Cornelius and Trey Harrison have retired as organizers of Classic Tetris World Championship

CTWC Organizers: Adam Cornelius, Vince Clemente, and Trey Harrison

Two of the long-time organizers, Adam Cornelius and Trey Harrison, announced on the CTWC Discord server that they have retired from their roles as CTWC organizers. While Vince Clemente remains involved as the sole organizer.

In a Discord post, Adam Cornelius writes: “Hey everybody, we want to share some news: Trey and I are hanging up our jerseys and retiring from our roles as CTWC longbars. It has been an amazing experience to be a part of CTWC all these years and we now look forward to seeing how things evolve from the sidelines as fans. Vince will continue carrying the torch as CTWC’s sole owner and director. We know the future of CTWC is secure in his hands! Thanks again and good luck at this year’s tournament.”

Adam Cornelius originally wanted to do a short video on Harry Hong’s Max-Out Score; this was the 1st score recognized by Twin Galaxies. But then, other players started to emerge with their Tetris Accomplishments.

This eventually led to the creation of a Tetris tournament, with Adam Cornelius directing the film, Ecstasy of Order, which documented the first annual CTWC. He continued getting involved with CTWC as an organizer, commentator, and competitor.

In 2017, he was interviewed by the Tetris Company. That article can be viewed here.

Trey Harrison, on the other hand, started getting involved with the first CTWC as a competitor. He eventually became an organizer as the CTWC Tech Director, dealing with the technical set up of the tournament. That included the head-up display that shows the game in High-Definition. This drastically improved the viewing experience of CTWC.

Adam and Trey have accomplished a lot with the behind the scenes work they have done with CTWC from the beginning. And they should be proud of it. So many people have benefitted from it. Particularly the communities that have formed because of CTWC.

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