Boom Tetris For Jeff: Where Did The Phrase Come From?

At the 2016 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) Finals, Jeff Moore faced off against Jonas Neubauer. The announcer, Chris Tang, would shout out “Boom Tetris For [Name]” every time a player would score a Tetris. The popular catchphrase caught on, when Chris Tang repeatedly said “Boom Tetris For Jeff”. He even used this phrase to credit Jeff, when Jonas made a Tetris.

Chris Tang’s enthusiasm for Jeff Moore to make a Tetris was one aspect that made 2016 CTWC Finals a viral hit on YouTube and drove interest for the CTWC. People would write “Boom! Tetris for Jeff” in the Youtube comment section. He thought he would get fired for being unprofessional, but the CTWC kept him as the phrase became a meme. You can even buy your very own Boom Tetris for Jeff Shirt at the CTWC Store.

Boom Tetris For Jeff Shirt, inspired by Chris Tang's catchphrase

The Origin Of “Boom! Tetris!”

The phrase originated from the 1990 Nintendo World Championship, when announcers would say “Boom! Tetris” when someone would score a Tetris.


James Chen and Chris Tang commentating at the 2019 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC)
James Chen (Left) and Chris Tang (Right) commentate the 2019 CTWC

In 2010, the CTWC was born and Chris Tang became the commentator. Chris Tang had inspiration from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships to continue the catchphrase by shouting, “Boom! Tetris for [Name]!”, after a player makes a Tetris. Chris Tang has hosted every CTWC, and has incorporated the phrase into his commentary.

As I mentioned at the beginning, his repeated “Boom! Tetris for Jeff” at the 2016 Finals turned the phrase into a meme and made the CTWC a viral hit. When I first watched the CTWC, I found it interesting to see Chris Tang’s enthusiasm for using the phrase after every Tetris.

The phrase created a way for audience to get involved in the CTWC. In 2019, there were a group of 5 friends who spelled out “Boom!” on their shirts. Even a little girl played along to the phrase by shouting “Boom!” after every Tetris.

Other Tetris games have been inspired by this phrase and have found a way to incorporate it in the game. In Tetris Effect, “Boom! Tetris!” became one of the trophies you can unlock. In Tetris 99, “Boom” appears when a player knocks out their opponent.

If you ever come and see the CTWC in person, don’t be afraid to yell “Boom!” after a Tetris.

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