Tetris 99 Super Lobby: A Battle Royale Filled with Champions

Poster for Tetris 99 Super Lobby
Source: Hard Drop

The Tetris 99 Super Lobby is a monthly 6-game event where the best Tetris players compete in a Battle Royale. This event is a regular game, but with a room full of Tetris 99 Masters. This is why I personally call these events, Tetris 99: The Champions, but I digress. If you have won several games, I recommend challenging yourself by participating in the Super Lobbies.

Although Tetris 99 has an Invictus Mode where only previous winners can join, these rooms rarely fill up all the way. This often leads to a room where the majority are CPU players. The Super Lobby gathers the best players and makes them compete against each other in the same room. These events turn out to be a success as the rooms often fill up.

You can watch one of the Super Lobby events below. This one was done at a GDQ Hotfix,

What makes the Super Lobby different from a regular game?

Since every player in the Super Lobby is a Tetris Master, it is very difficult to KO (Knock Out) other players. Getting KOs gives a player more badges that allows them to deliver extra lines of garbage to their opponents.

In a regular game, you might be able to gather badges easily by knocking out unskilled players. But in the Super Lobby, it is difficult to earn badges which makes you very vulnerable to topping out later on in the game.

When competing at one of these Super Lobbies, you’ll notice that each game is much longer than the regular matches. Due to the difficulty in knocking out other players, each Super Lobby game ends up taking about 30 minutes to play compared to a regular game which should only take about 8 minutes.

My experience joining the friendly competition?

Tetris 99 Super Lobby Result
Surprisingly, made Top 10 in my first Super Lobby game.

On April 2020, I joined my first Tetris 99 Super Lobby game. The first thing I noticed was that everyone was sending garbage at each other constantly. I found myself just trying to survive and not top out, since I could not get any KOs.  Managed to make it to the Top 10, but eventually got eliminated as I had no badges which made it easy for the remaining players to knock me out.

I personally find it interesting to see Nintendo bring Tetris into the 21st Century by adding a battle royale format to the game.

Where can you find the Tetris 99 Super Lobby?

To find out when the next Super Lobby is, follow the Hard Drop community on Twitter and Discord.  When the event happens, you can watch it live on several different Twitch channels, such as the Hard Drop.

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