Classic Tetris European Championship Goes Double-Elimination

The 2021 Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC) is starting in a few hours. For this year, the organizers decided to make this an online event.

For the first time, the entire tournament will be double-elimination.

In this tournament, players compete on the PAL version of NES Tetris.

Difference Between PAL and NTSC

The two versions run at different frame rates (PAL runs at 50 fps and NTSC runs at 60 fps), which causes the gameplay between them to be different. In PAL, the “kill screen” happens at Level 19 (instead of Level 29 in NTSC) which means that players have fewer lines to work with before reaching the kill screen. More info on the different versions can be found here. aGameScout explains it in simple terms here.

2021 Classic Tetris European Championship Format

The Top 32 were placed on a double-elimination bracket. They were split into four groups of 8. In each group, 2 players advanced to the Top 8. Each match is a Best of 7, with the exception of the Grand Finals which is Best of 9.

Two Group Brackets were completed. The remaining Groups will be competing today at 16:00 UTC (11 AM EST). Watch them live on Twitch at classictetriseurope and ClassicTetrisPAL.

Fractal, who got the first 2 Million Score in PAL Tetris, will be competing in one of those remaining brackets. We will find out if he dominates the tournament.

The Final 8 will be competing next Sunday, December 12th at 16:00 UTC (11 AM EST) on the classictetriseurope Twitch channel. The full schedule can be found on their website.

Here’s the full bracket to keep up with all the CTEC action.

Connect With The Community

Keep up with the tournament by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Join their Discord to get access to the community.

To get the latest update within the Classic Tetris community, check out the latest episode of Classic Tetris Insider.

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