Sidnev Wins The 2021 Classic Tetris European Championship

The 2021 Classic Tetris European Championship was an online event. For the first time, the entire tournament was double-elimination.

The Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC) uses the PAL version of Tetris, while the CTWC uses NTSC. For a brief rundown on the difference between PAL and NTSC Tetris, check out this video.

The tournament was a 32 player Double-Elimination Bracket. Each match was a Best of 7, until the Grand Finals where it became a Best of 9.

Entering the 2021 Classic Tetris European Championship

Sidnev qualified for the tournament as the #2 seed after scoring 910,421. His ability to hypertap pieces allowed him continue scoring points far beyond the Level 19 “Killscreen”.

In the early rounds, he defeated Deimos, Svavar (3-Time European Champion), and Blau to advance to the Final 8.

In the Winner’s Bracket Semis, Sidnev took on Jesper (#11 seed). Eventually, the match went to a Game 7 decider with Sidnev emerging victorious.

Afterwards, Sidnev lost to Fractal (#1 seed) in the Winner’s Bracket Finals. Sidnev moved on to the Loser’s Bracket Finals where he swept Jesper and advanced to the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals

For the Grand Finals, Sidnev needed to win 2 matches against Fractal. While, Fractal only needed to win 1 match. In this round, the match was a Best of 9. In Game 8, Sidnev was one win away from forcing a bracket reset. He topped out early, but Fractal also topped out early with a lower score.

Since Sidnev won that match, he needed to win another match as Fractal needed to lose 2 matches in order to be eliminated. So the finals went to a bracket reset, where the winner of that match wins the tournament.

In the Grand Finals Bracket Reset, some games went the distance as both players were capable clearing lines beyond the Level 19 “Killscreen”. After another eight games, Sidnev won the match 5 games to 3.

Sidnev won the 2021 Classic Tetris European Championship, becoming the new Classic Tetris European Champion.

The event organizers offer their thoughts on this year’s tournament on their website. The full bracket can be viewed here.

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