2018 Dr. Mario Championship: Timestamps

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The 2018 Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) was the second annual tournament. It was held at the same venue as the previous year, which is Replay FX in Pittsburgh, PA.

On Friday and Saturday (July 27 and 28), the qualifying rounds took place. The qualifying was the same as the previous year, this time players did NOT have to pay extra to join another pool.

The players that won their pool were guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. The remaining players qualified based on their win rate and qualifying points.

After the Qualifying rounds were over, the Top 16 advanced to the Playoffs. Which happened on Sunday, July 29.

Here are all the recorded matches.

Round 1 – Top 16

(Note: Emily dropped out of the tournament. So only 15 players competed in the Playoffs. This gave Packie a bye to the Quarterfinals. The players that were seeded below Emily were moved up one rank.)

Match #1: Eric vs Adam P (DMHero)
Match #2: Matt C vs BSG4000 (Chris Bidwell)

Match #3: Brittaney vs Vince Clemente
Match #4: Chris Brady vs Steve S

Side Stage Matches – They were NOT recorded

Match #5: Brandon R vs Joe K
Match #6: Rosemary vs Brandon B
Match #7: qrsl vs Phil C


Match #1: Packie vs Brandon R
Match #2: Adam P (DMHero) vs BSG4000 (Chris Bidwell)

Match #3: Rosemary C vs qrsl
Match #4: Vince Clemente vs Steve S


Match #1

Match #2




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