Piece Dependency Podcast: A Classic Tetris Podcast

Artist Rendering of Piece Dependency Podcast with SirMaser Interviewing Chris Higgins
Artist Rendering of the Piece Dependency Podcast where SirMaser interviews Chris Higgins. Source: aGameScout

The Piece Dependency Podcast (PDP) is a podcast about Classic Tetris. Every month, the host, SirMaser, interviews prominent people of the Classic Tetris community.

The first episode premiered in June 2020 where SirMaser interviews Chris Foryst.

Format Of The Piece Dependency Podcast

In each episode, SirMaser interviews a guest(s) on various topic. Each guest talks about their experience and contributions regarding Classic Tetris.

Some topics include, behind the scenes work of CTWC, organizing community tournaments, creating NES Tetris YouTube videos, making documentaries, analyzing gameplay.

If you want insight into some of the contributors of the Classic Tetris community, this is the podcast for you.

Final Thoughts

What I like about this podcast is how each of the individual’s experience offers different perspectives. The in-depth discussions help the viewers draw closer to each guest as they tell their stories.

One episode that stood out to me was the interview with Chris Higgins. Since he has done behind the scenes work on the CTWC, such as filming the CTWC and being the referee. That episodes featured interesting stories of what Chris Higgins had to deal with as referee.

Another episode that stood out to me was the interview with ITZsharky. Sharky offered interesting perspective on “DAS vs Hypertap”. He also talks about how he plans on promoting Classic Tetris and his future as a YouTuber.

You can find a list of episodes on YouTube. (They are now uploaded to CTM channel) You can also listen to the episodes on other podcasting apps, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and more.

Keep up with the latest updates of the Piece Dependency Podcast by following them on Twitter, @piecedependency. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to seeing next episode, which comes out on the first Wednesday of the month.

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